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Bahá’ís of Port Moody

A Little Bit of History

The first Bahá’ís arrived in Port Moody in 1970s. The community has slowly grown ever since to over 150 people through both migration and natural growth. The first administrative body of Port Moody, known as the Local Spiritual Assembly (LSA) was established in 1977.[1]

Over the years Bahai's have engaged the community in systematic ways in the form of spiritual education of  children, junior youth empowerment programs, and devotional gatherings and study circles for adults. Read more about these spaces, and how to participate here.


Apart from the above activities, Bahá’ís have also played a constructive role in the well-being of the Port Moody community. From adopting a street in Suter Brook Village to operating annual food drives for the Share Food Bank, volunteering at the Mossom Creek Hatchery, convening exhibitions for local artists and donating toiletry baskets to shelters, we have led numerous projects to contribute to community-building efforts in Port Moody.

[1] According to Baha'u'llah's administrative order, in any city/village where the number of Bahá’ís comprise nine members or more, an administrative body of nine people is elected on an annual basis to lead projects and services related to the well-being and growth of both the Bahá’ís and other members of the community.

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